Vitamina E, beneficios para la piel y los labios.

Vitamin E, benefits for skin and lips.

Extreme climates can wreak havoc on our skin and lips. Cold weather dehydrates and cracks lips. This is a problem that cannot be hidden with the application of any lipstick. It is advisable to apply treatments that contain Vitamin E.

Discover the power of vitamin E, and watch how sensitive skin is restored, while you once again have a beautiful smile with soft, healthy lips.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has multiple benefits, it protects the body's membranes, helps keep the blood clean, and keeps other parts of the body healthy such as the heart, skin and hair.

Below I present a list of what vitamin E can provide:

  • Helps erase scars. Because it hinders the formation of collagen fibers, it helps erase scars from the skin.
  • Avoid sunburn. Thanks to its antioxidant power, vitamin E prevents sunburn and the damage that comes with exposure to UV rays, so you can feel protected on summer vacations and also prevents premature aging.
  • Minimizes the rapid appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E is ideal for cell regeneration. If applied frequently to the lips before bed, it will contribute to the reduction of fine lines. The advantage of this powerful antioxidant is that it can be used on all skin types.
  • Heals chapped lips. Moisturize your lips by applying vitamin E in the morning and at night, you will avoid free radicals, maintaining a feeling of softness. You can apply it before applying your favorite lipstick, this way they will be more protected. I recommend Vitamin E from LE BON BEE.

Regular application of vitamin E to the lips helps prevent damage caused by exposure to the environment and changes in temperatures.

Dry lips can also be the product of hormonal changes in our body or some medication that produces a side effect.


Take care of your skin and your lips, use Vitamin E as part of your daily beauty routine and show off your beautiful, perfect and healthy lips.

Complement the use of vitamin E on your lips with regular consumption of water, nutrient-rich foods, and use of oils such as olive, coconut, or almond that hydrate the skin naturally.

To reduce dry lips and prevent them from cracking or bleeding, avoid moistening your lips with your tongue. This only makes the situation worse.

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