LE BON BEE MAXI LIP GLOSS aumento de labios sin fillers

MAXI LIP GLOSS: The formula for thick and juicy lips!

Thick and meaty! This is what lips look like today. On television, famous magazines, advertising and even in movies we see beautiful women showing off sensual, hydrated lips and of course with a lot of volume!

Having sensual and thick lips makes the face more pleasant and enhances the smile, which is why it has become one of the whims of today's woman. If it is your desire too, don't worry! We have the quick, practical and safe solution, it is Maxi Lip Gloss by LE BON BEE.

With a moisturizing effect, its main quality is to give volume to the lips. Why do we recommend using “Lip plumpers” lipsticks and not fillers? Here we tell you everything.

Lip injections, are they recommended?
Obviously, beauty procedures are becoming more and more popular every day. Statistics indicate that more and more women want to undergo cosmetic surgery or some type of aesthetic treatment, one of the most desired being lip augmentation.
Through social networks we see many girls following the example of influencers, and wanting to show off tempting and sexy lips.

But do you know what you could face? What are the disadvantages of following these procedures? Some of the consequences are the following:

  • Blockage of blood flow to the lower or upper lip.
  • Risk of suffering necrosis.
  • Possible bruises.
  • Granulomas or lumps, that is, a deformed lip without symmetry.
  • Bacterial infection.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Itching and tingling.
  • Redness and sensitivity in the area.
  • Scars.

Maybe it didn't happen to those you know who have enlarged their lips. Perhaps you noticed that after recovery everything went well. However, keep in mind that not all celebrities give details if they had any complications, as this would cause problems for their image. Even if you put yourself in the hands of an expert, there will always be risks.
Why risk it? We will tell you how to have full and thick lips without being in danger.

4 Tips to have your lips thicker.

1. Exfoliate your lips periodically

The first step to having juicy lips is removing dead cells from your lips, since these make them look ugly and dull. In fact, when you begin to exfoliate, circulation is reactivated, thus achieving a considerable increase in the lips, which will be very noticeable.
You should use LE BON BEE Lip Scrub . It removes dead cells from your lips and leaves them shiny, soft and juicy, ready to show off on any occasion.

2. Keep your lips hydrated

Super important and fundamental. That's why we recommend that you always have Vitamin E from LE BON BEE in your bag. It is an antioxidant that gives softness and above all moisturizes your lips. You can use it at any time of the day.

3. Exercise your lips
Doing exercises with your lips will give them volume. You can start exercising them by placing your lips as if saying: “Boooo” or pronouncing only the letter “U” for at least 10 seconds. It seems incredible but, with a repetition three times a day, you will see that your lips have thickness in no time. Take advantage of the trend of taking photos placing your lips as if to throw a kiss. It's a good exercise!

4. Make up your lips
It's true, there are good makeup and lip lining techniques that can help you in this regard, but you also have the ideal lip maximizer Maxi Lip Gloss from LE BON BEE .

Avoid chapped lips and give them a more juicy appearance, with Vitamin E from LE BON BEE, you will not only get healthy and hydrated lips but you will also enjoy the benefits of applying a plant-based and paraben-free product.

Le Bon Bee Lip Plump: A quick and safe formula.
It is a fabulous gloss that when applied, immediately activates blood circulation, which will make the lips look voluptuous and thick in a few minutes, just as you expected!

The main base of this gloss is mint, which is a natural moisturizer and provides softness to the lips, but it also activates circulation in the lips, hence the tingling, which will give volume and thickness.

Will you have that feeling all night? No, calm down. This gloss also contains aloe, jojoba, and avocado, which makes this irritation go away quickly.

Effective use of limp plumper gloss
Imagine that the day you have been waiting for so long arrives, it is a special night and you already know what makeup you will use. In fact, you can think about the Lip Stay Electric Red from LE BON BEE, it is an excellent recommendation.

No to surgeries, Yes to lip plumping!
Surgeries are complicated, expensive and, as we saw, the level of risk is high. However, with Lip Plump the result is different, positive and with the primary purpose of “voluminous lips.”

You will be the sensation of the moment, and all eyes will focus on you. So remember the formula: (Lips + Lip Plumpler) is the same: Soft, sensual and thick lips.
A dream come true!

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