💄Labiales mate, ¡Entérate de los secretos para que no resequen tus labios!

💄 Matte lipsticks, find out the secrets so they don't dry out your lips!

Leading the list of favorite cosmetics for people who love to put on makeup, we find the Matte Lipstick. Something wonderful is that we have a wide variety of types of matte lipsticks, from different colors, textures and ways to apply.

Today we will talk about a type of lipstick that has become the favorite of many, due to its wonderful finish and the cache that it brings, the matte lipstick! They have existed forever, but never before was there such a boom for them as after the socialite Kylie Jenner launched her makeup line, where matte lipsticks are the protagonists.

Matte lipsticks make it possible to show off velvety and soft lips, since they lack any type of shine.

Why are matte lipsticks here to stay?

1. Its duration: Matte lipsticks are very little emollient products, hence they get their matte texture, therefore when fixed on the lips, they tend to adhere more intensely than a normal lipstick and that allows the pigment to be maintained for longer. weather.

2. The intensity of the colors: Even in those that are nude, matte lipsticks manage to provide much greater concentration of color than a normal lipstick.

3. They look more sophisticated: Matte lipsticks are seen with Glamour!

Matte effect without using Matte Lipsticks

A matte effect can be achieved on the lips without the use of matte lipsticks, this is achieved by applying a lip liner over the entire surface of the lips. Another way to achieve a matte effect is to apply loose, translucent powder on lips already made up, but it will alter the tone of the lipstick since the powder has color.

Types of Matte Lipsticks

There are two types of matte lipsticks, there are the classic ones that are characterized by their opaque finish and also the newer ones called "semi-matte" which are more creamy and whose duration is shorter, but it is better for those who have very dry lips, since the matte finishes tend to dry them out even more.

The Negative of Matte Lipsticks

A not very favorable point of matte lipsticks is that they tend to dry out the lips. since they lack oil and not being creamy they have 0 hydration (except in the new formulations of more flexible mattes), therefore they create cracks. The ideal way to avoid dryness is to moisturize them before putting on makeup.

Recommendations before applying a Matte Lipstick

Exfoliate the lips
To have perfect lips when applying your matte lipstick, frequent exfoliation is essential to remove dead cells. If you manage to integrate exfoliation into your facial care routine, your lips will be rosy and healthy. I recommend the LE BON BEE Lip Scrub, you just have to apply it using circular movements on the lips and after a few minutes remove the product with some oil or make-up remover.

moisturize your lips
Keeping your lips hydrated will prevent your lips from drying out after using matte lipsticks. Start by including the application of vitamin E in your nightly beauty routine, I recommend LE BON BEE Vitamin E.
The idea is that night after night you can apply some type of treatment that helps them not to dry out.

How to choose matte lipsticks?
When choosing a matte lipstick, it is important to avoid those that, in order to look perfect for longer, extremely dry out the lips. LE BON BEE Lip Stays are liquid, with a creamy texture and a matte finish that melt onto lips for full coverage that lasts up to 8 hours. Thanks to the fact that they contain glycerin, they do not dry out the lips or crack them.

Tip for thicker lips using Matte Lipsticks
For a fuller lip effect, line the edge of your lips with a pencil liner and then apply your matte lipstick.
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